About Young Dems

The Young Democrats of America (YDA) was founded in 1932 as the official youth arm of the Democratic Party of the United States. YDA maintains a close and strong relationship with Democratic National Committee, although it now operates as a separate organization following the passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. 

The Collin County Young Democrats (CCYD) were founded in 2014 and are in their 7th year of operation. We are the muscle that fuels campaigns. Our members are the "super volunteers" and block walkers extraordinaire. A number of our members are currently running for office Collin County!

What We Do

There are three components to a political party: 

  • The elected and appointed members of the party who hold public office -- and are the movers and shakers of governments

  • The party as an organization –the  committees, leaders and activists who work to promote  issues and policies that are important to the party, and the candidates

  • And the citizens who support the party through voting.


As a member of CCYD, you can be an influential driver in all three of these components.


Individuals who are engaged in CCYD learn the hands-on nuts and bolts of managing a progressively themed campaign from their time with the organization.  Soon after, they use that experience to make a personal run for office – or serve as key staff and consultant to a future candidate.  The impact of your time with CCYD pays dividends personally, professionally and furthers the cause of winning important progressive campaigns.

The opportunity to influence policy and public perception is always available at CCYD.  As a “boots on the ground” activist, committee leader, or one of CCYD’s leadership team, you’ll have endless chances to address your passions and start to make the world a better place now and in the future. 

And, you will become a better informed citizen and voter through continual access to candidates and elected leaders.

CCYD is an organization dedicated to the progressive causes that matter most to you.  Some members enjoy being a one of a force of many.  Others want to gain leadership skills.  And some want to lead today.  CCYD is the space that can make those opportunities come to life.


So, what matters most to you?  Contact us today and start making a difference.  For you.  For your family.  Now.  And in the future. 

Collin County Young Democrats

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