Manu Lail
Collin County Democratic Party Chair

Manu has proven to be a dedicated and inspirational leader with a firm grasp on the fundamental changes necessary to actually winning elections. The Democratic Party wins when the Chair can form a diverse coalition and voter turnout machine. Manu has built a campaign in the image of how he would lead and we believe in his strategic vision.

Sean McCaffity
Congressional District 3

We believe Sean is the candidate best equipped to defeat Van Taylor in the fall. His fundraising dominance, knowledge of the issues, and experience defending average Texans against corporate abuses of power, protecting whistleblowers and victims of sexual assault make him the defender we so desperately need in Congress.

Sharon Hirsch
House District 66

Sharon has a demonstrated history of Democratic organizing and dedication to winning this race. Between her name recognition, demographic shifts, and likeability, we believe she’s the best equipped to defeat Matt Shaheen and flip HD66.

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Carol Scarborough
Collin County Commissioner's Court Precinct 1

The Collin County Commissioner’s court is dominated by Tea Party Republicans who have slashed and burned the county from within. As a retired Senior Vice President of Bank of America and former small business owner, Carol has the experience and leadership skills that Collin County so desperately needs to represent our county’s best interests.

Chrysta Castañeda
Texas Railroad Commissioner

Chrysta has proven that she will work tirelessly to stop the waste and abuse of our precious natural resources. As both an engineer and a lawyer, she knows the law, she knows the oil and gas industry, and she knows that technology necessary to win this election and do this job well.

Judge Elizabeth David Frizell
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3

Judge Frizell has a breadth of experience in criminal law, having served on the bench as a judge in Municipal, Misdemeanor, and in felony court, in addition to having worked for the Department of Justice and as a solo practitioner. She has been a tireless advocate for meaningful criminal justice reform, including ending cash bail and will bring a much-needed diversity and progressive voice to a traditionally very conservative Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Judge Tina Clinton
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4

With Judge Clinton’s breadth of experience in criminal law, including judicial experience, we believe she is the right person to be our voice in November 2020.  Her vision and leadership skills give us the best chances for a new voice in Texas regarding criminal justice.

Lorenzo Sanchez
House District 67

A rather large contingent of CCYD’s membership is on Lorenzo’s campaign. We discussed whether this was a conflict, but thought it was more indicative of his ability to inspire the quantity of support a candidate needs to take on Jeff Leach. Though Rocio Hernandez was a close second, we feel Lorenzo has the ability to inspire young voters to become engaged in the Democratic party.

Judge Gisela D. Triana
Texas Supreme Court Place 8

Gisela’s 24 years on the bench, at every lower level of the judiciary, makes her the most qualified candidate for this position. She has earned a reputation for being fair, impartial, courteous, deliberate, and knowledgeable of the law. We think she has the best shot at bringing the much-needed diversity and balance back to an all-Republican Court.

Judge Kathy Cheng
Texas Supreme Court Place 6

Kathy has a proven record of organizing with Young Democrats across the state, leading to Democrats gaining a majority in 4 of the 14 of the court of appeals. Coming within four points of winning this position in 2018, we believe Kathy has improved her candidacy and can win this race. Furthermore, she brings an energy that we believe will bring excitement to a race that usually does not get much attention.

Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez
US Senate

Though we employed Rank Choice Voting (IRV), Cristina avoided a run-off by securing 51.2% on the first ballot. Our membership is worried about turnout, and we believe that Cristina Ramirez is the candidate best equipped to rally young voters and turn them out. State Senator Royce West was a close second.