Thank you for your interest in the Collin County Young Democrats Results

Last week the Collin County Young Democrats decided to endorse Democratic Primary candidates for the first time ever. We are doing so because of how critical this election is to the future of the Republic. Most of our voting membership (64 that night) gathered (or teleconferenced in) to discuss which candidates we thought had the best chance at defeating the Republican incumbent, could inspire the widest array of voters, and would not just raise the most money, but spend it in the most efficient and effective ways to turn out the most voters in November.

A vote for any of the 11 Endorsed Candidates above is a vote for the candidate with the best chance of beating the Republican incumbent, which leads us to our final point: Our Democratic primary choices are all running against Republican Incumbents because the CCDP has been thus far unable to defeat any of them. The desire for change is real. The time for change is now. Though the demographics are finally in our favor, we cannot afford to make the unforced errors of the past and must turn to new leadership, new strategies, and new voices. Our membership of nearly 100 strong will fight tooth and nail to elect these amazing candidates and finally flip Collin County back to its rightful color: BLUE.

Collin County Young Democrats

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