Where you will contribute to a better future

CCYD is where progressives, right up to the age of 40, drive immediate political change.  As a member and volunteer, you have hands-on opportunities to have your voice heard: to change public perceptions, improve the future for your family, and even impact meaningful change on a national level. 


Through an array of activist activities, you can be a “boots on the ground leader” for one of the region’s most passionate and action-oriented organizations.  And along the way, you’ll make influential, life-long connections with political leaders and gain relevant skills for your life and career.   


Here are just some of the opportunities available to you through CCYD:


Run and Lead An Influential Volunteer Organization


  • Take the reins and become a leader of an event or campaign.  Use your acquired skills or learn valuable new skills in the concepts of leading, motivating, and influencing teams large and small.

  • Committee leadership posts change every year in (Outreach, and list of other committees)



Learn the Ins and Outs of Managing a Campaign and Preparing To Run for Office  


  • Discover insight and knowledge into campaign management by working with winning candidates and change-makers.  It’s an invaluable, ground-floor opportunity to see the inner workings of campaigns, how they are structured, and how decisions are made. 

  • In CCYD, you have meaningful one-on-one time with the highest level movers and shakers in local and state government, in the advocacy environment, and within the party.  These leaders can become key contacts as you begin your personal run for office



Donate your Money, Time and Expertise Mentor Younger Dems


  • Inspired to make a difference?  Consider extending your professional expertise to growing other young progressives, who are currently in High School or College.

  • And, CCYD has a series of programs that ensure your donations are targeted towards causes and activities that are most meaningful to your personal interests.

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